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Kreuwel: Strong in manufacturing pots and containers

Kreuwel plastics Almelo BV has been a manufacturer of high-quality injection moulding products since 1979 and focuses in particular on the production of plantpots, nursery- and rosecontainers, buckets, tubs and bins in various sizes between 1 litre and 90 litres. Our products find their way around the world; from Norway to El Salvador and from Canada to Russia.

Kreuwel plastics Almelo B.V. has a reputation of producing good and sound quality products.  This applies to all our products as well as the injection moulding machines (all from Stork Plastics Machinery) and mould makers of Dutch brokerage, who we work with.

Kreuwel plastics Almelo BV produces 24 hours a day and this ensures that all products are available from stock. Orders can be picked up the same day at our factory and our carrier ensures that your order is delivered to your desired location on the next working day. (for delivery in Holland, other countries within 1 week)

Product Development

Kreuwel plastics Almelo B.V. develops new products in co-operation with its customers. Together with you we can give the final product a visual image, by means of a 3D drawing and/or a tangible sample-product. Our products can also be produced in any desired colour and also be provided with an imprint. Mostly this is already possible from 1 pallet!


Kreuwel plastics Almelo BV makes their products from a minimum of 90% of recycled polyethylene or recycled polypropylene. With years of experience of mixing various different kinds of raw materials (e.g. crates, toothbrushes, Pampers, film, pots and household plastic waste) we are able to deliver a high quality product.