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Green, Greener, Supergreen

3 types of Recyclable plant pots now available from KREUWEL.


Black PP05 & PE02, made from 100% recyclable material. Widely recyclable.


Terracotta and many colours in PP05 & PE02 made from 100% recycled Post Industrial Recycle material (PIR), 100% Recyclable.


Anthracite, Taupe, Grey, Blue, purple and other colours made from PP05 Post-Consumer Recycled material (PCR), 100% recyclable material.

All Kreuwel pots are 100% recyclable and made of 100 % recycled plastic.

Our products

For its raw materials Kreuwel does business with a number of permanent and proven reliable relationships at Holland and abroad. These suppliers provide decades of high-quality raw material to Kreuwel.

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Kreuwel plastics Almelo B.V. has a reputation of producing good and sound quality products. This applies to all our products as well as the injection moulding machines (all from Stork Plastics Machinery) and mould makers of Dutch brokerage, who we work with.


IPM in Essen from 28 January till 31 January 2020. Booth 3A 75

Facts & Figures

27 Employees
20.000m² Warehouse capacity
We can already make a colour from 1 pallet per size!
All products made from 100% recycled PP or PE
More than 30 colours NIR-scannable, made from 100% recycling material

Worldwide dealer network

Kreuwel supplies their products in more than 50 countries around the world.

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